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Here at Treasured Scraps, we have a zero tolerance policy for sharing of our products.  Anyone found to be sharing or suspected of sharing our products will have their account banned and will banned by IP Address from accessing the store.  Please keep this in mind before shopping!  If we find suspicious activity on your acct (such as numerous large orders) your acct may be blocked until we investigate further.  We have to protect our designers work due to the numerous pirates out there and hope you understand.  Please note that all products are personal use unless otherwise stated in the description area.


Please note that our store is set on Eastern Standard Time so please keep that in mind when purchasing items during a sale.  Sale automatically end at midnight EST the day the sale is set to end.


Updated 9/1/15 - we no longer allow e-checks, instant payment only

*** If you have chosen to pay with an e-check, please note your downloads will not be available until your e-check has cleared.  Once it has cleared


Are not allowed here and should you reverse a charge without our approval you will be banned from the store no questions asked.  Also if we are notified by another store you are doing chargebacks you will be banned from our store as well.


As all products are digitial and available upon payment, we do not offer refunds on your purchases.  If you have a problem with one of your purchases such as downloading your product, please send us a message using the Contact Us link and we will work something out.


You do not receive your links via email however you will receive an order confirmation.  You may download your products one of two ways:

  1. After completing your Paypal purchase, click return to merchant and you can find the download links there.
  2. Go to and click Log In (found underneath the header on the left side of the screen next to Home).  Log in with the username and password you set up when you created your account.  Click on the order and you will find your download links there.


As it pertains to downloading products from former designers.  We only keep their products on file for 30 days so if you need to regain a product for a designer that is no longer with the store, we will no longer have those but will provide you with the last email we have for that designer for you to contact them about having your product sent back to you.

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